Hi, I’m Jade!

Jade Brown as you might have guessed. I grew up in Montreal, Canada, being brainwashed by the system that sciences were the only way to go. I had the grades after all, I would’t want to waste them, would I?

So I forgot about my first passions – writing, photography and tropical jungles – and directed my passion for the Earth and the environment towards the science-y world. At 21, I graduated from McGill with a BSc of Environment after many winters spent being depressed.

But let’s back it up a bit. In high school, I went on a short exchange to England. My first plane ride led to catching the incurable virus, commonly known as the Travel Bug. Soon after, still in high school, I set my heart on getting into McGill, mostly so I could take part of the African Field Study and worked my butt off to get myself there. Take a short detour on the way with my first backpacking trip to do sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica, and that’s how you end up with making plans at 20 years old to become a nomad on the plane ride home from the field study in Africa you ecstatically got accepted for.

I should also mention I came home from East Africa newly engaged and planning this lifestyle with the man who said he’d be cool with travelling around the world. It took a couple more winters in Montreal to get our affairs in order like graduating from university, saving up a nest egg, having a wedding, impromptu road trips, but as quickly as the plan formed, we were packing up our tiny car to hit the road. 

Following Dreams

When you follow one dream, it’s hard not to follow the others. Inspiration breeds inspiration. So I decided what better time to start exploring photography than while seeing new and exciting parts of the world every day? I can’t lie, it was also partly so I could show everyone how fun my life is with beautiful pictures.

It took a couple more years before I felt ready to stop tiptoeing around the one thing I wanted to be doing more than anything: writing. The journey to that decision is a long and heavy one that I hope to tell you all about in my upcoming book (so keep an eye out!).

Another Blog?

No, this is not just another travel blog telling you the best spots here and the best tips for that, although they are definitely helpful and I use them everywhere I go. I want to build a relationship with all you beautiful people while combining my passions: writing, photography, the environment and most importantly, exploring new places in a way that not everyone else has.

Even when going to the most Instagrammed viewpoints or world famous parks or museums, you don’t have to be a sheep in line behind all the other sheep getting the same picture and memory you read about on that blog that told you not to miss this place. You especially don’t have to do it while trashing the planet. On this website, I hope to offer you inspiration. Inspiration for making each destination your own personal experience while keeping your environmental impact in mind.

I’m here to help your travel dreams become a reality, whether it’s just wanting to make the most of your vacation, becoming a nomad, or learning to be more conscious of the environment when travelling (or in your every day life!)


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